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Singapore’s National Library Board (NLB) is looking for a PR agency to provide PR consulting services for major NLB events, initiatives and corporate announcements, such as openings and celebrations. library, exhibitions, library and archives conferences, reading campaigns, digital offerings, and other NLB events and programs. The appointed agency will begin its work from February 1, 2022 for one year, with the possibility of extending for two years on an annual basis. A mandatory briefing on the tender will be held virtually on October 13, 2021 and the tender will close on November 4, 2021.

In addition to providing public relations consulting services, the nominated agency will also work on media monitoring and analysis, problem and crisis management, and the training of NLB spokespersons. If necessary, the designated agency will also be asked to create annual trend analysis reports.

Alternatively, agencies can submit their offer to provide NLB with internal communication training, as well as article writing and placement, writing and writing services. According to the tender seen by INTERACTIVE-MARKETING, the designated agency must have experience providing similar services to at least three clients within the past three years, on a provision basis. The clients should also have been government agencies or multinationals.

The main responsibilities of the designated agency include public relations consulting services, media monitoring and analysis, crisis management, spokesperson training, article writing and placement, and annual reporting. trend analysis.

1. Public relations consulting services

According to the tender, the designated agency will develop and execute public relations strategies, communications and advertising plans – such as social media plans for NLB events, initiatives and corporate announcements – in order to generate maximum and sustained positive media coverage.

This includes developing an annual communications plan, which will outline key messages and overall publicity for the coming year, and quarterly communications plans to define key focus areas throughout the year. . In addition to writing media-related materials for the NLB, the agency will facilitate media coverage of public events; and provide necessary preparation for media spokespersons prior to media interviews.

The agency should also proactively present stories for NLB throughout the duration of the RFP, and identify and follow up with the media on online engagement opportunities, social media platforms, approach and the appropriate content. At the same time, the designated agency will need to provide a monthly monitoring report on the status of readiness and media pitch for NLB events, initiatives and corporate announcements, as well as the status of requests from media and interview opportunities and public relations monitoring. value.

2. Media watch and analysis

The designated agency will be required to provide daily reports on local and international media coverage regarding the NLB, including weekends and holidays; including timely post-event monitoring on relevant NLB mentions. The agency must also provide a comprehensive media coverage report for each event, initiative, corporate announcement and crisis; and provide a monthly report including all media coverage of NLB.

In addition, the agency must provide a monthly and annual summary, including the equivalent in advertising value and public relations values ​​based on industry practices. The agency will also need to provide a digital file containing all electronic copies of media coverage relating to NLB, such as high-resolution press clippings, audio recordings and video recordings.

3. Issues and crisis management

Regarding crisis management, the designated agency will provide strategic advice and prepare communication plans to mitigate and manage the problem; during which the project manager and the senior account manager must be accessible at all times. In addition to working with NLB on post-recovery efforts, the designated agency will need to prepare media material and other related information; support the NLB in the organization and facilitation of press briefings and other events.

4. Training of spokespersons

The designated agency should design and conduct effective communication training programs for NLB spokespersons to prepare them for media interviews. Content should include case studies relevant to NLB and its industry, government issues, and tips on handling media interviews in physical and online formats. The content must also be adapted according to the list of participants present.

For new spokespersons, the agency will need to organize five full-day training programs per year, accommodating up to 10 participants per race, at NLB premises. Meanwhile, for members of the management team and experienced media spokespersons, the agency will need to run two half-day training programs per year, accommodating up to 5 participants per race.

The agency should appoint a senior trainer who has at least 10 years of relevant experience, assisted by at least two team members working with NLB for new spokespersons; and a team member for management and key spokespersons. From a training perspective, it should include a combination of classroom training, role play and simulation with video recording and immediate performance evaluation.

5. Annual trend analysis report

If necessary, the designated agency will provide annual analysis reports on trends in NLB media coverage and relevant issues and discussions in mainstream, online and social media. The report should highlight positive and negative media coverage and any other analysis.

6. Writing and placement of articles, writing and editorial services

The nominated agency will write up to 72 articles and social media posts in English each year, on topics that will build a positive perception of NLB. The agency will also have to submit a proposal for a bimonthly list of topics for articles and social media posts. In addition, the designated agency will need to condition and edit internal and external NLB communications to ensure that NLB messages are clearly positioned and communicated. Finally, the agency will also provide drafting and annual reports for NLB, and provide strategic advice and advice on media pitch and issue management.

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