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LOS ANGELES and NEW YORK, October 13, 2021 / PRNewswire / – August (“August” or “The Company”) today announced its launch as a strategic communications consultancy founded on the fundamental belief that excellence in customer service is achieved when people with specialized talents and subject matter expertise are empowered to focus on what they do best. . August will deliver thoughtful and personalized communication strategies with a multidisciplinary approach grounded in the foundations of authentic narrative development, deeply analytical engagement and diligent execution.

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Now – more than ever – what, when and how you communicate is essential.

The main areas of practice of August reflect the experience of its professionals:

  • Crisis management
  • Litigation and Investigations
  • Financial restructuring and the case of chapter 11
  • Blockchain, digital assets and fintech
  • Discrimination, prejudice and diversity
  • Health care
  • Corporate positioning and reputation management

“The world is increasingly polarized, and now, more than ever, what, when and how you communicate is essential to preserving and creating value and protecting reputation,” said Steven goldberg, Chief Executive Officer. “We founded August with the belief that the best way to achieve excellence in helping clients tell their stories during the toughest times is to build a team with deep expertise and empower people. to do their best. We are committed to creating an environment that provides our employees with rewarding development and growth opportunities that will prepare them for success in their professional careers and in their personal lives. “

“I am thrilled to join this exceptional group of professionals who are committed to delivering results to clients that support business goals, mitigate damage to reputation and preserve value,” said Ellen davis, Senior Managing Director and responsible for crisis and litigation practices. “I have had the privilege of honing my skills as a strategic advisor alongside some of the most talented practitioners in the industry, and this new firm represents an opportunity for me to deploy these skills in a collaborative environment that will build on each of our areas of expertise, ensuring the best results for our clients. “

The founding team of August includes:

  • Steven goldberg, Chairman and CEO and responsible for the financial restructuring practiceMr. Goldberg is a former corporate lawyer and brings 20 years of experience advising clients on many of the most complex legal issues, crises and financial restructurings of the past two decades. He has highly specialized skills in developing communication strategies that balance reputation and legal objectives. His training and practice as a lawyer taught him the importance of gathering facts, anticipating problems and applying a multidisciplinary approach to strategic communication.
  • Ellen davis, Senior Managing Director and responsible for crisis and litigation practicesA lawyer by training, Ms. Davis has been recognized by Chambers and Partners as a leading strategic advisor who has advised clients on large-scale and high-stakes litigation and other crises. His practice draws on decades of experience in government, news media and strategic communications.
  • Steve ginsburg, President and Head of Diversity, Prejudice and DiscriminationMr. Ginsburg is a leading lawyer, spokesperson and practitioner specializing in preparing for and responding to incidents of bias and discrimination. He joins August from the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) where he has helped manage crises by building trusting relationships with and among educators, activists, law enforcement, elected officials, philanthropists. and business leaders. He is regularly consulted by the media, elected officials and business leaders on how to tackle diversity issues.
  • Beau Falgout, Director General and Head of Health PracticeMr. Falgout brings a differentiated internal health expertise acquired during his roles in strategy and mergers and acquisitions at Medtronic. He has designed direct patient marketing campaigns, led M&A integration communications and developed internal communications strategies, all with a focus on compelling and empathetic narrative development. As an external communications advisor, he has served healthcare clients involved in crises, mergers and acquisitions and regulatory disclosure issues, as well as investor relations and corporate positioning campaigns. .
  • Nate johnson, Managing Director and Head of Blockchain, Digital Assets and Fintech PracticeMr Johnson has over eight years of public relations and strategic communications experience, during which he has helped some of the biggest names in tech and other industries navigate their most critical inflection points. His expertise includes a focus on blockchain and digital assets. As a passionate member of the crypto community since 2014, he brings a deep and nuanced understanding of the space, its main players and the technology that drives it.
  • Jenny Mac Michael, Director, Chief of Staff and responsible for employee development and empowermentMs. MacMichael has over five years of strategic communications experience and takes a thoughtful and analytical approach to storytelling development to help clients achieve their key goals. She advocates the proactive development of team members and firmly believes in the importance of fostering diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging to strengthen firm and client results.
  • Tierney Anderson, Partner and Deputy Chief of StaffMs. Anderson’s background in strategic communications and nonprofit fundraising has enabled her to appreciate organizations that use their platforms to ‘do good while doing good’. She recognizes that client outcomes are most successful when they are the product of collaboration, inclusion and integrity. Tierney has supported clients involved in a wide range of special situations and key inflection points, including complex crises, litigation, IPOs and PSPC transactions, cybersecurity issues, and corporate positioning campaigns. long-term business.

“Our goal is to guide our clients through often unexplored territories with constant, thoughtful and dynamic advice,” said Mr. Johnson. “I’m excited to bring this to the blockchain and digital asset space. This highly technical and digitally native industry has given rise to a host of unprecedented communication challenges and regulatory scrutiny. We intend to leverage our in-depth industry experience to help businesses and organizations effectively communicate the value proposition of their technologies, navigate regulatory concerns, and achieve widespread adoption. “

“One of the most difficult challenges facing leaders and organizations in today’s social and political environment is to understand and communicate authentically on issues of diversity, prejudice and discrimination,” said declared Mr. Ginsburg. “These are emotionally charged questions, often conflicting and always delicate. Effective responses are quick, empathetic, and effect meaningful change. our clients develop and implement world-class communications strategies that promote diversity, equity and inclusion, and protect and strengthen reputation, brand and value. “

The August team is based in Los Angeles and new York, and the firm has the ability to serve clients through North America. The Cabinet also plans to establish a presence in the Dallas-Ft. Value zone in 2022.

About August

August is a consulting firm specializing in strategic communication based in Los Angeles and new York who advises clients on issues in several specific areas drawing on the unique expertise of the firm’s professionals, including: crisis management; litigation and investigations; financial restructurings and Chapter 11 affairs; diversity, prejudice and discrimination; blockchain, digital assets and fintech; health care; and management of the company’s positioning and reputation. For more information, please visit


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