Lancashire agency tops PRide PR Awards



Lancashire-based PR agency Catapult PR topped the PRide NW Awards table in the PR industry, winning five magnificent Gold Awards.

Catapult PR brought its agency’s total awards to 49, winning Gold Awards for ‘Best Corporate and Corporate Communication Campaign’, ‘Best Travel and Tourism Campaign’, ‘Best Campaign for Arts, Culture and Sport ”and“ Best Media Relations Campaign ”, as well as the“ Best Independent Practitioner ”award.

This achievement demonstrated the versatility of Catapult PR, with the three award-winning campaigns spanning the retail and cooking industry, culture and community, and travel and tourism. He also underscored its reach, with work done for clients as far away as London and Northumberland.

The Lancashire agency has continued its award-winning success for nearly 24 years, despite transitioning from a small agency to a boutique, in order to offer a much more personalized and focused approach to clients who desire a fusion of creativity and strategy that is unparalleled.

The five Gold Awards at the PRide NW Awards come on top of the two CIPR National Awards of Excellence which were won in June, when its corporate and corporate communications campaign was rated the best in Britain and its general manager won the Outstanding Practitioner award.

In the same month of 2021, Catapult won the PRMoment award for best travel and tourism campaign, making it 8 awards in the year to date.

Last year Catapult PR was the top performing agency at the Northern Marketing Awards, winning three awards, and also winning two PRCA DARE Awards.

Catapult PR Managing Director Jane Hunt says: “Once again, I hope Catapult has proven that size doesn’t matter and that the best PR comes in the form of small packages. Clients come to Catapult PR because they recognize that we are probably unique in the UK – a micro-agency whose creativity and dedication keeps campaigns beyond their budget. We took the small agency approach and rejected it, to do it our way. Our track record of success suggests we have the right formula and I am delighted that the award judges once again saw this. “

Catapult PR was founded after Jane Hunt enjoyed a very successful internal career, working in the insurance, freight and utilities industries, in London, Berkshire, Bristol and Manchester, before launching Privilege Insurance and working on other insurance and financial services brands in Leeds. Although Catapult PR’s first clients were all financial services and insurance clients – an industry in which the agency has worked continuously since 1998 – it has since managed many award-winning campaigns in industries such as travel. , pets, community public relations and retail and has a truly diverse customer base, based in the UK and Italy.

Since winning its five Gold Awards, Catapult PR has acquired another new client, now representing a new client in the financial services industry based in Kent. The other counties or regions in which it currently has customers are Essex, London, South Wales, West Midlands, Yorkshire, Northumberland, Cumbria and, closer to home, Lancashire.


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