Monday’s campaign report, 10.11.21



Today’s episode of campaign-related news from across the country.

* In Texas, the candidate for governor Allen West was hospitalized due to pneumonia caused by Covid-19. The Republican, who is unvaccinated, told supporters over the weekend that he was taking hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin – both of which are ineffective treatments.

* In Iowa, Republican Senator Chuck Grassley was unlikely to face a serious main rival next year anyway, but the odds of a challenge within the party increased after the incumbent. got approval by Donald Trump.

* Five weeks after he sort of launched a campaign for the US Senate in Georgia, former football player and former Texas resident Herschel Walker has already raised $ 3.7 million for his Republican candidacy.

* After a group of Republican lawmakers in Pennsylvania filed a complaint to restrict postal voting, the Democratic National Committee is seeking to intervene in the event of support for voting rights. (Of the 14 GOP lawmakers who oppose the Commonwealth mail-order system, 11 voted to create the system they now oppose.)

* Two Republicans – former New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman and former Department of Homeland Security official Miles Taylor – wrote a joint New York Times article editorial today, urging GOP voters to “form an alliance with Democrats to defend American institutions.”

* The latest CBS News / YouGov national poll, released yesterday, showed President Joe Biden with a 50% approval rate, far better than the 38 percent support the Democrat received in the latest Quinnipiac poll. In related news, I continue to believe that it’s generally a good idea to rely on averages.

* After last year’s Iowa caucuses, there were damning discussions that Hawkeye State and its troubled caucuses would no longer go first in the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination process. Over the weekend, the Washington Post reported as party officials begin to create a new schedule, and Iowa’s special status is in great doubt.


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