The MCCY is looking for an integrated agency for the positioning of the 2022 event SG Interreligious Dialogue Center


The Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) is looking for an integrated marketing or public relations agency to provide public relations consulting and media communication services for an international conference that is taking place. will be held in the second half of 2022. The designated agency is required to produce work on activities before, during and after the event, according to a Gebiz document. A mandatory briefing on the tender will take place virtually on October 20, 2021 and the tender will close on November 15, 2021.

According to Gebiz, the appointed agency must have a proven and established experience of working with local and foreign academic institutions, government agencies and multilateral organizations. The conference will be aimed at policy makers, practitioners, academics and young people in the field of interfaith.


The designated agency should help MCCY generate local and international awareness of the conference. It should position the MCCY and Singapore as a hub of interfaith dialogue where world opinion leaders converge, and raise awareness and commit to strengthening interfaith and interracial harmony and social cohesion internationally. According to the tender document seen by INTERACTIVE-MARKETING, tThe nominated agency will also develop a strategic communication plan jointly with the MCCY communication team, and provide strategic advice to MCCY on all issues that will influence stakeholder perceptions of the event.

Brand work

For branding, the designated agency will be responsible for drafting visual identity and branding guidelines surrounding the event – including an electronic newsletter template. He will also coordinate with the relevant subcontractors to ensure that the creations for the advertising material are produced correctly.

Content creation

From a content perspective, the agency will develop original content that promotes social cohesion and emphasizes interfaith and interracial harmony. He will plan, identify and execute media purchases on key target platforms.

The agency will also be responsible for creating content for traditional media and conference material, and leveraging multiple platforms including print, broadcast, digital, social media, public campaigns, international partnerships. and influencer engagement. Additional content related tasks include creating video content related to the conference theme, designing and creating monthly email newsletters, and creating an ad and promotional campaign for a pre and post conference webinar series.

Media and stakeholder engagement

The nominated agency will identify editorial and media opportunities and conduct targeted media and stakeholder engagement activities – including regular media pitch and publicity through appropriate advocates / influencers who can enhance the message. He will also establish ongoing relationships with targeted media and stakeholders and ensure interviews and speaking opportunities for key spokespersons.

The team will have to prepare, coordinate and disseminate communication materials, with the aim of seeking maximum positive coverage; and set up a media center for on-site media support, and provide media liaison officers. The agency will also work with the MCCY communications team to deliver content and manage social media platforms before and during the conference, including the closing publicity after the conference.

Media watch

Finally, the designated agency will be responsible for monitoring and analyzing local, regional and international media coverage. It will also provide a detailed report on the results of the conference, including metrics and key performance indicators to measure the effectiveness of communication actions.

The international conference will bring together around 700 academics, practitioners and thought leaders – of whom 250 will attend virtually – to explore and understand the issues as well as government and community leaders, policy makers, religious and interfaith leaders to share best practices and build bridges and networks to advance the cause of interfaith and interracial harmony.

The conference will also provide a platform for high-level international dialogue focused on building interfaith and interracial harmony in order to improve and strengthen social cohesion in Singapore and around the world.

In 2019, MCCY appointed Ogilvy Singapore for the tender for integrated marketing and communication services. According to Gebiz, Ogilvy Singapore was among four agencies vying for the account, including Pico Art International, Singapore Press Holdings and Beknown. The appointment period was one year, with the possibility of extending another. According to the tender document at the time, the chosen agency was responsible for developing digital engagement strategies and social media activations as well as managing various social media platforms.

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