FBI helps school workers amid rising violence



The Justice Department and the FBI were ordered Monday to help protect school personnel across the United States following increased violence against them. Attorney General Merrick Garland has asked the FBI and other agencies to “discuss strategies to deal with this disturbing trend.”

The order comes after the National School Board Association sent a letter to President Joe Biden about the “imminent threat” to local schools and boards.

In the letter, the association, a non-profit organization that acts as a coalition of state school board associations, said the local school board wants to hear from the community but is working. “He’s more sensitive to violence,” he said.

“Our school board continues to recover from the coronavirus in every district, so many communities have endured other challenges that could hinder this progress,” the letter said. It is written.

“Many public school officials criticize classroom teaching, coupled with attacks on school board members and educators to endorse mask policies to protect the health and safety of students and school staff. We are facing a physical threat from the advertising that falsely claims to include racial theory and the curriculum. “

The association said “promotion will continue” even though critical race theory is not actually taught in public classes from kindergarten to high school. The association cited several cases in which heated debates between boards of directors and schools over coronavirus restrictions and critical race theory have become a reality.

Several violent school board meetings were filmed and went viral – some of them even resulted in law enforcement intervention.

In July, 11 angry mob members who turned aggressive at May’s school board in Utah were charged with chaotic behavior and obstructing public meetings. Dozens of attendees were angry and protesting the state’s school mask policy, reports CBS affiliate KUTV.

In August, parents in Austin, Texas were charged with physically assaulting a teacher wearing a mask during a new semester.

And at Sutter Creek Elementary School in California, CBS Sacramento reported that a fight broke out when her father picked up a child from school and confronted staff about a child who had to wear a mask.

The father verbally assaulted the principal. According to CBS Sacramento, he was injured in a physical feud and was treated in a hospital, which was allegedly intervened by a teacher.

Several school board members across the United States have chosen to resign following a turbulent year, according to the Associated Press. In his resignation, Rick Grothaus of the Regional Board of Education in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, said the job was “toxic and impossible.”

AP reports that members of the Nevada Board of Education were considering suicide before resigning under threat and harassment.

“Bullying public officials is not only illegal, but also contrary to our core values,” Garland said in a statement about the memorandum.

“The people who devote their time and energy to ensuring that our children are properly educated in a safe environment deserve to be able to do their jobs without fear for their safety. ” He said.

The Department of Justice has created a task force made up of representatives from the DOJ, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, the FBI and other agencies to “use federal enforcement tools to prosecute these crimes.” We will decide, ”Garland’s memorandum said.

The Department of Justice supports state, tribal, territorial and local law enforcement agencies when the threat of violence does not constitute a federal crime, and also provides professional training and advice to local school boards and school administrators. . To create.

This training provides school board members and other potential victims with “the types of behavior that constitute threat, how to report threatening behavior to the appropriate law enforcement agencies, and threatening to participate in investigations and prosecutions.” Helps you understand how to collect and store driving evidence. Of these crimes. “

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