ImagineAR Releases Updated SDK for Its Augmented Reality Mobile Campaign Platform for Brands


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October 4, 2021 – ImagineAR inc., a provider of augmented reality (AR) solutions that enable sports teams, businesses and businesses to create their own mobile AR campaigns, has announced the release of its new ImagineAR SDK 1.4 and ImagineAR Cloud 1.3. The company said the two major new product platforms include significant enhancements and enhancements to help deliver optimal experiential engagements for fans and consumers.

Version 1.4 of the ImagineAR SDK can natively integrate with iOS and Android mobile apps, and this version introduces a new AR scavenger hunt feature that includes features like player progress bars during hunts, reward features Improved player numbers and new unique clue cards for each scavenger hunt game client. ImagineAR said that with the new features of the SDK, sports teams and businesses will be able to create their own geocaches for a global audience, with prizes and rewards unique to each geographic region.

ImagineAR Cloud version 1.3 now features enhanced self-publishing content management system features and real-time analytics that manage and measure global and localized AR campaigns. Version 1.3 also brings an improved and easier to use interface to the platform, allowing non-technical users to create instant campaigns without any technical knowledge or coding experience. According to the company, the new version ImagineAR Cloud also fully supports GDPR compliance for European countries.

Alen Paul Silverrstieen, CEO of ImagineAR, said: “Our technical team has worked many months to redesign the entire cloud AR architecture to provide customers with overall performance, flexibility and augmented reality experiences. and improved immersion for users. We plan to leverage this major new global architecture in a number of consumer project opportunities. Our AR platform and SDK are today one of the most technologically advanced and patented in the global augmented reality industry. Silverrstieen added: “The company maintains a strong cash position to maintain existing operations until 2022.”

For more information on ImagineAR and its platform for creating mobile augmented reality campaigns for brands, please visit the company website website.

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