Political parties deploy big hitters as election campaigns gain momentum


The weekend saw the ANC deploy its chairman, Cyril Ramaphosa, to the DA-run Nelson Mandela Bay metro, promising to take control in a few weeks while EFF chief Julius Malema was in his home province of Limpopo, using his campaign to attack the ruling party.

ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa led the party’s election campaign for local elections in Dr WB Rubusana’s area in the Eastern Cape on October 2, 2021. Photo: ANC

JOHANNESBURG – Political parties have spent the weekend trying to win voters over by offering them promises ahead of local elections in less than a month.

Major political parties have rolled out their big wigs to various provinces in the hope of gaining more support.

The weekend saw the African National Congress (ANC) deploy its president, Cyril Ramaphosa, to the Nelson Mandela Bay metro run by the Democratic Alliance (DA), promising to take control in a matter of weeks. The party lost the metro to the DA in 2016.

Ramaphosa’s message was clear: he wants the metro back in the hands of his party.

“Go vote so that the ANC can take control of this metro,” Ramaphosa said.

Other members of the first six have also been deployed to other parts of the Eastern Cape, Northern Cape and Gauteng. Voters were promised a better life that includes jobs, service delivery and more corruption.

Meanwhile, Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema was in his home province of Limpopo, using his campaign to attack the ruling party, claiming he had nothing to offer.

Small political parties used the weekend to launch their manifestos, also addressing issues very close to many South Africans – housing and employment as well as electricity.


With 27 days before the local elections, political analyst Ralph Mathekga said political parties were still facing the most difficult time.

As the DA campaigned in the Western Cape and Gauteng, it stressed to supporters that the party’s track record proved it was capable of delivering on promises made.

But Mathekga said voters have the power and the last say at the polls.

“It’s the tightest deadline they’ve ever had and they just can’t get by, so they just have to keep going,” he said.

A total of 325 parties are standing for local elections this year.

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