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Passionate creative Takemore Mazuruse of Esteem Communications has won two accolades for his consistency and professional conduct working with various brands across all industries.

Mazuruse, who was included in the Zimbabwe Institute of Corporate Directors (ICDZ) Most Influential Under-40s list earlier this year, won the Special Entrepreneur of the Year award for being at forefront of professional ethics at the Megafest National Business Awards last Wednesday before taking home the outstanding award. Zimbabwe CEO’s Network Awards Leader in Public Relations and Corporate Affairs the next day.

Of this recognition, Mazuruse, who started his creative agency as a briefcase consultant before giving it all away, said he was both humbled and encouraged.

“I am a person who strongly believes in the potential of the local creative industry,” said Mazuruse.

“I am happy to be recognized for my passion and my commitment to the development of this sector.

“Esteem Communications is a professional and structured public relations and advertising agency that has worked with various brands over the years, first as a briefcase consultant before going all out and we are happy to be recognized from this way. “

The Zaka-born designer, who had humble beginnings, has worked with some of the biggest names and brands, including international organizations, blue chip companies, and major players in the banking and financial services industry.

“This recognition is for me the testimony of the fruits of an unwavering ambition and commitment to his vocation,” said Mazuruse.

With a number of companies facing sustainability challenges due to the operating environment, Mazuruse, who is an experienced development practitioner and columnist with The standard said tact and effective brand management are necessary if businesses are to survive the “vuzu economy.”

“As the founder and managing director of one of Zimbabwe’s most exciting creative agencies, I believe local businesses should invest in structured and consistent advertising and marketing to make it easier for their brand to communicate,” a- he declared.

“Beyond providing a service and making sales, your brand has to really stand out so that you can go the distance in this environment.

“A good brand has to go beyond the hype in its brand communication. Use the entire marketing and brand development mix to gain market attention and trust.

A majority of local brands are turning to celebrities for influencer marketing and brand activation Mazuruse said this is a welcome development, but there is still a long way to go.

“Brand development and management is quite complex and it is important for companies to do their homework before embarking on a marketing campaign,” he said.

“Influencer marketing or influencer marketing is fast becoming a new normal.

“While good for brand awareness, content creation and better reach; it must be structured to bring significant value to your brand.

“The reach of your influencer marketing needs to be well thought out and associated with all of the key vehicles and catalysts for brand development. “

Esteem Communications has won nearly 10 accolades for its commitment to excellence and has led professional campaigns for its diverse clientele.

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