Shelton and Stillman team up for student success


By Kyrsten Eller, WVUA 23 Digital Journalist

Two higher education institutions in the area, Stillman College and Shelton State Community College, work together to ensure that students can get the best education possible.

On Tuesday, representatives from the two colleges signed an agreement allowing Shelton State students to move to Stillman, while focusing on improving teacher training and providing educational opportunities.

Stillman College executive vice president Derrick C. Gilmore said the deal “will strengthen the pipeline to teacher certification” as more than 3,000 teachers retired statewide in 2020.

“By preparing Shelton students for the demands of teacher education and Stillman, while engaging them and generating interest in this career path, we are meeting the immediate and future needs of the State of Alabama,” Gilmore said in a statement. . “We are also addressing the critical shortage of black teachers in preschools and secondary schools.

This agreement is also put in place to improve and strengthen the pipeline of black men, especially to encourage those who wish to become teachers at all levels of education.

According to Edutopia, about 7% of teachers in the United States are black, while only 2% are black men.

“This agreement places Stillman in a unique profile in the HBCU sphere, with a two- and four-year institution seeking to address this issue,” Gilmore said.

While the advisory process for these transfers under the agreement is major specific, they will have the option to change major later, as it is not binding.

“A student will come to Shelton knowing, ‘I’m going to land at Stillman. I know where I’m going and I know why I’m here, ”said Brad Newman, president of Shelton State Community College.

Shelton State students who wish to move to Stillman must have a GPA of 2.0 and an alphabetical grade of “C” or higher in all transfer courses.

The application fee will be waived for students who apply, and Stillman guarantees admissions with a maximum of 64 transferable credits.

“Shelton is making sure that all of our ability is leveraged to be a good supplier for Stillman, building a strong team and getting the results needed for this region,” said Newman. “We are honored to be a part of this agreement.

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