In conversation with Aditya Chopra, founder of Victoriam Legalis


In your experience, how is the litigation scene in Mumbai different from the way litigation is practiced in other small towns in India?

Mumbai is not only the commercial capital of India, it is also a state with diverse cultures and a large population, coming from all walks of life. With such diversity comes a variety of disputes and challenges. The practice here differs mainly because of its great knowledge of the subject matter and each individual’s passion to strive to maintain in such a fast paced environment. Thus, most of the litigation emanating from Mumbai brings out perspectives and precedents that are mature and balanced. Small Indian courts also have a wide variety of litigation and in my opinion they play an important role when it comes to bringing justice to people. In fact, the pressure on these small courts is also high and often they issue large orders. Overall, you will notice that while the immensity and scale of cases change, the law remains the same. In fact, in my experience, Mumbai has seen some of the most complex litigation and this is one of the biggest reasons our country has witnessed some of the sharpest legal minds in this city.

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