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Companies need to rethink their advertising and promotion strategies to be more in tune with the present times. Dr Mukesh Kwatra explains how business communication opportunities can open lucrative options

Communication plays a vital role in our lives. Whether with family, friends or in public relations, the role of how and how to communicate is very important. Work in a company is no exception. The emergence of new technologies and the power of digital platforms have made companies aware of the importance of maintaining the integrity of corporate communication and enabling stakeholders and shareholders to view its existence in a positive way.

Business communication can take many forms, depending on the target audience. An organization’s communication strategy typically consists of written texts such as internal and external reports, announcements, website text, promotional material, emails, memos, press releases, speeches , conferences, interviews and videos. Corporate communication techniques and management functions are closely linked to bring benefits to the organization and achieve desired goals.

With increased competition, companies are very concerned about maintaining an impeccable image. The corporate image conveys everything about a business through visual communication and product advertising and also strongly influences the corporate identity. Graphic design is an emerging creative career in India with plenty of employment and growth opportunities where visual concepts are created and designed for the business.

A large number of colleges offer these courses. In addition, a degree in journalism and mass communication can help to gain easier access to this sector. The Indian Institute of Management has an executive program in Communication Strategies for Business Executives. Many private institutions offer short courses for managers in public relations, corporate and workplace communication, and writing skills. Students can choose to specialize in various fields such as advertising, public relations, internal communications, investor relations, crisis management, brand management, and event management.

For new graduates, the scope is not limited to a specific industry. If communication is your strength and you have the ability to understand the intricacies of it, then a career awaits you. There are good job opportunities for aspiring people like corporate spokespersons, marketers, technical writers, public speaking trainers, advertising managers, campaign managers, etc. social media managers, HR to name a few. However, some skills are needed. These are:

  • Business communication is rapidly gaining ground. To disseminate information, both internally and externally, or to market their products and services, businesses need expert professionals with effective communication skills.
  • A company’s reputation is intangible, but it is a powerful asset that attracts considerable talent, retains consumers, enables companies to influence stakeholder beliefs and have a positive impact on premium customers. You have to be interested in current affairs.
  • The current pandemic has changed the world. Old ideas, business case and approaches just won’t be enough. Multitasking can have a nice reach in this sector.
  • It requires good interpersonal skills, a passion for public speaking, quality leadership and the ability to motivate colleagues and others, have a deep understanding of social media, possess analytical skills and have the ability to organize successful events.

Companies have realized the importance of an emergency crisis response team, which must constantly monitor the situation, be transparent and regularly update the communication chain. They need to be motivated to overcome the anxiety of uncertainty. Communication with customers should focus on empathy rather than trying to sell them products or services.

The writer is the founder, Smiling Tree

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