Strategies to attract more customers to your restaurant

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The marketing strategies employed by many restaurants have evolved over the years. Even restaurants with very low prices have a hard time filling seats. Restaurants that serve decadent fine dining can also struggle to attract customers in these tough economic times.

Below are some strategies you can use if you want to gain a competitive advantage over your competition and attract more customers to your establishment.

Create attractive promotions and rewards programs

If you want people to visit your restaurant, you need to provide them with reasons to attend. A loyalty card is an easy way to make your regulars feel like VIPs. For example, customers who buy five pizzas can be rewarded with a free one for their loyalty.

From free coffees or subs to free ice cream or beer, the freebies should reflect your menu. If you don’t want to offer free food, you can offer discounts to loyal customers. For example, a 50% discount coupon with a 30-day limit can entice them to visit your restaurant as early as possible.

Take advantage of seasonal vacations and other important occasions in your city or neighborhood to attract more customers to your restaurant. Referral programs and other rewards can also motivate customers to help promote your restaurant through word of mouth.

Viral or buzz marketing can be much more effective than conventional marketing channels because word of mouth marketing tends to sound more natural or honest compared to corporate marketing tactics.

Constantly improve the service

Your high quality standards should always be met in order to provide your customers with a sense of comfort and security.

Humans tend to be creatures of comfort, and old habits die hard, so you can create a steady stream of income by making your restaurant a home for many of your loyal customers.

The number of staff available should not affect the quality of service either. Employees must go beyond the call of duty to provide exemplary service without compromise. Otherwise, unhappy customers will complain about your restaurant using various social media platforms.

Bad word of mouth can bring a restaurant to its knees, so maintaining an image and reputation for loyal customer service and unmatched goodies is paramount.

Teach your staff to be confident, friendly and courteous. Keep an eye on them to make sure that they are adopting optimal behavior and that they are not slacking off. Staff also need to learn to work in high-pressure, fast-paced environments without losing their temper.

Make your menu special

You have to impress your clients with your masterpieces. Even your appetizers should leave them salivating for more. What some restaurateurs don’t realize is that customers don’t go to restaurants just for the food.

After all, they can cook their own meals or order delivery if they wish. People go to restaurants because they want to have an experience that they cannot have at home. As such, your menu should include items that are delicious, fresh, and difficult to prepare at home. They should include exotic ingredients that you just can’t buy in the local market.

Your meals and drinks should serve as a treat not only for the palate, but for all the other senses as well. Once you have mastered the wine and dining experience and the art of dining, your customers will return for a reminder.


Hygiene is vital for the sustainability of a business, and catering is no exception. Wash basins and sinks can act as germ vectors, which can be difficult for staff who need to be clean at all times.

The good news is that using a portable sink to wash hands can make your restaurant safer and more efficient. Your customers will thank you for your extra effort by coming back for more impeccably prepared dishes in the future.

Create media attention through marketing

If you want to generate buzz in the area in order to attract more customers, you should try to get the attention of the press. After all, all advertising is good advertising.

There are several marketing and catering concepts, strategies and plans to choose from. Start with a few small ideas that can be launched quickly and without breaking the bank. As you gain more confidence, you can try experimenting with more important concepts.

Complex techniques and creative strategies can be implemented when you are ready to go all out. You might have to go through some growing pains before you find the perfect marketing strategy, but the effort will be worth it in the end.

Take the next step

Creating marketing strategies can seem difficult and intimidating, especially if it all depends on your choices. Be proactive, think about who your primary customers are and why they keep coming back, as well as your neighborhood and the people who live there. Create a checklist of the things you need to do to implement the strategies listed here.

Now you have a good starting point to gain an advantage over your fiercest competition and attract more customers to your establishment.

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