Metro launches COVID-19 campaign for clean and safe transit – NBC Los Angeles


In an effort to keep passengers safe amid the COVID-19 pandemic and improve the customer experience, Metro Monday launched a “Keep Metro Clean and Safe” campaign to remind people of safety protocols against coronaviruses and other rules of the public transportation system.

“Metro has heard our riders call loud and clear for a cleaner, safer system,” said Hilda L. Solis, chair of the Metro board of directors and chair of the Los Angeles County board of directors.

“This new campaign is quite measured and appeals to the best angels of our nature: we all need to treat our fellow travelers and our transit system as we would our own home, personal property or friend. our part in making our transit system cleaner, safer and more enjoyable for all who depend on it. “

The campaign will include reminders that masks are mandatory and that smoking and littering are prohibited.

According to Metro, these three issues consistently have the main factors for Metro riders to determine whether they should continue using buses and trains during the pandemic.

Metro will spread the message through pop-up mask distribution events, audio announcements on buses and trains, billboards and digital signage on major station platforms, bus maps and railcars, social media posts and email communications.

“One of my main priorities is to make Metro the first choice of transportation in the region, because our customers have an unparalleled experience. It depends on how we listen and respond to our users to improve our service, ”said the CEO of Metro. said Stéphanie Wiggins.

“We recognize and take responsibility for providing a cleaner, safer and more respectful environment. At the same time, improving the overall experience in a real way is everyone’s responsibility. We want our customers to feel a sense of pride and ownership of the system. “

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