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Over the past decades, medical science has brought about many advancements that were previously incomprehensible. People can now seek treatments for multiple conditions and dramatically improve their lives thanks to innovations in biotechnology. One of these revolutionary advances has been in the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. The loss of tissues and organs often occurs in humans due to birth defects, trauma and disease. However, the human body has a low potential for regeneration and many people often have to wait for the transplantation of donated tissues and organs. This is why scientists and clinicians have constantly worked on therapies and technologies capable of regenerating tissue and, in some cases, creating new tissue from scratch.

One of the pioneering organizations that has developed cutting-edge technology to meet the clinical needs of tissue engineering and regenerative birth tissue medicine is TissueTech Inc, Miami. The company has been a pioneer in regenerative birth tissue medicines and a world leader in innovative technologies using products derived from human amniotic tissues and the umbilical cord. ET Spotlight recently spoke to Nishant Renu, Director of Marketing at TissueTech Inc, whose dynamic professional portfolio has led him to a leadership role at TissueTech Inc. In his current role, Renu is responsible for all aspects of commercialization. surgical ophthalmic biologics from TissueTech. . A qualified marketing professional with strong technical acumen and extensive experience in product management, Nishant Renu’s journey has been one of courage and success. Here is what he told us:

1. How has your career gone so far? Tell us how you started your career and what ultimately led to your position at TissueTech Inc.

My first step towards where I am now is the Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science which I obtained in India. I have always had a keen interest in pharmacology, which led me to publish my first research article in the Journal of Functional Foods. Somehow, I was still very curious and my mind was still in exploratory mode. This has led me to participate in many competitions throughout my university career and to win many prestigious national awards. I spent a few years working and learning how to manage brand equity while strengthening product positioning and developing a worldwide consumer base for many health and pharmaceutical products. It was also the time when I marketed and launched several new pharmaceutical and biotechnology products in several countries. I believe that if you have the zeal to make a difference, you will eventually get away with it.

2. When did you leave India and what happened afterwards?

After working a few years as a product manager, I left India to study an MBA at Louisiana Tech University, USA. I got a scholarship and I was also offered a job at the university as a graduate research assistant. I graduated magna cum laude from Louisiana Tech University and got a job at TissueTech Inc.

Combining Marketing and Research to Promote Breakthrough Regenerative Technology
3. What made you move from pharmacy to marketing, and was there a personal reason you wanted to work in this field?

My current job at TissueTech Inc is very aligned with my education (B.Pharm, MBA in Marketing), by the way. Contrary to the conventional idea of ​​a marketer, this role is far reaching. As a marketing professional, I work closely with physicians, hospitals, CHWs, academic institutions, residents, and fellows to raise awareness and understand regenerative biologics. I experience the practice, process and intervention in healthcare to resolve unmet clinical needs. In fact, I often travel to see OR surgeries with surgeons to understand the clinical use, the results of our products and their lasting impact. I have seen patients recover from chronic disease to normal with regenerative biologics manufactured by our company. It makes me happy and proud to know that I am working for the greater good.

4. Tell us about your work at TissueTech Inc.

In my current role, I am responsible for the development, implementation and execution of strategic marketing plans for lines of business and brands within an organization in order to attract potential customers and retain existing customers. My day-to-day duties include coordinating with the marketing and creative teams, leading market research efforts to uncover the viability of current and existing products / services, and liaising with media organizations and advertising agencies to build business. value for our products. I work closely with the R&D team to drive the development and launch of new products. I also actively work with the public relations team, executives and other members of the product management team to evaluate promotional plans to ensure they are consistent with the product line strategy and that the message is effectively conveyed. My job is to create and raise awareness all over the world so that as many people as possible can benefit from this regenerative medicine.

However, I must tell you that despite my full-time job, I pursue my research interests and work on reviewing research papers and publishing them from time to time. A few of my research papers have recently appeared in Sage Open Medicine and Journal of Eye and Ophthalmology. The same research papers were subsequently published as book chapters in New Frontier in Medicine & Medical Research. Additionally, a few of my research articles go through a double-blind peer review process and are expected to be published soon.

5. What made you choose marketing as a career?

The reason I chose to be a marketer is that I can’t see myself doing anything else. If there is one area where your creativity is used and adopted the most, it is marketing. It is a fast paced and exciting industry and perfect for efficient, decisive and strategic people. Working as a marketer keeps me alert and needs me to be completely up to date with everything that is going on in the world of innovation, science and technology. It also provides a nurturing and stimulating environment, perfect for someone like me who enjoys learning new things and facing difficult situations head-on.

6. Who do you attribute your success to?

Definitely my parents. If they hadn’t realized my potential at an early stage in my life, then I wouldn’t be here. My parents constantly urged me to do better, which shaped my life to do good. I appreciate the time and money they have invested in me and I don’t want to waste it. Today, I make them proud of my work and my accomplishments and that’s what keeps me going. My future goal is to constantly learn and become a distinguished leader in the healthcare industry.

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