Weekend clinic improves health for hundreds of people in the Far East


INCLUDES VIDEO THUMBNAIL Here’s how this year’s “Impact Your Health Portland” clinic enabled many people – who otherwise couldn’t afford it – to get medical, dental and vision care…

In the Portland Adventist Academy gymnasium in the Hazelwood neighborhood of east Portland – and here taking the temperatures of those who come in – we met the Walla Walla University Nursing School, the student in first year of the BSN, Anelise Deladega.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

Every two years, the free Impact Your Health Portland (IYHP) clinic set up in August to provide medical, dental and visual services to those in need, in and around the Adventist Academy. of Portland, located just west of the Adventist Medical Center.

The last time an IYHP event was offered, in 2018, East Portland News covered it. The next clinic was scheduled for 2020 – but was canceled, twice, due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Volunteer Anisha Hughes registers a patient at this year’s IYHP clinic.

Dentists, ophthalmologists and doctors are available to provide free medical care to those in need, at no cost.

“We are all happy to be back this year to once again provide service to our community,” said Adam Kenji Nakamura, public relations coordinator and student communications intern at Walla Walla College.

“The IYHP clinic was established to provide free health services to uninsured and homeless people, as well as refugees, immigrants and those who cannot cover their insurance costs,” Nakamura explained. .

Here, paused for a photo, IYHP Clinic Co-Coordinators Jenny Jin NP and Brenda Duerksen RN.

Jenny Jin, nurse practitioner at Kaiser Cardiology, co-coordinator of the IYHP whom we have met in the past, came over to greet us.

“We also have the COVID-19 vaccines this year; the Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer vaccines, so we can cover all ages, ”Jin informed.

Typically, the day of the Friday clinic – which was the day we reported this story – has a lighter patient load than their Sunday clinic, Jin noted. “Because we are not overwhelmed today, we are able to offer people who come more comprehensive and personal care in the dental field. and vision and medical services – all in the same day.

-5 Dr. Mark Allard Miller, DMD, MAGD, Assistant Professor of Restorative Dentistry at the OHSU School of Dentistry supervises clinicians who fill a cavity during the clinic. “This is a great opportunity for students to come out and provide health care to the needy part of our population. “ he says.


Full services offered, on site
The services provided, Jin said, go far beyond a simple quick assessment and handing out a brochure to the patient. “Our volunteer clinicians are actually providing services here at this location. “

More specifically, these services include:

  • Medical – Examination, advice and referrals, as well as sports physics and health education, as well as screening for diabetes and hypertension;
  • Dental – Cleaning of teeth, restorations, fillings, extractions and crowns; and,
  • Vision – Comprehensive eye exam, free prescription glasses and eye health information.

Thomas Gibbs, OD of NW Permanente uses a phoropter while performing refraction on a patient – who will then receive new glasses after the exam.

Representatives of CareOregon and Portland Adventist Community Services (PACS) inform visitors about the health care and services available to them.

Jin pointed out that representatives from several community resources were present, just outside the building under the canopies.

“We have people from both CareOregon and Adventist Medical Center here to help clients navigate their path to continued health care after they leave here today. We also have health coaching, to help people stay healthy and avoid getting sick with the COVID-19 coronavirus, ”Jin said.

One of the ancillary but valued services that IYHP has been offering since 2016 is the free haircut, provided here by hairstylist Teresa Sheets of Defined lines lounge in Gresham, to customer Tien.

At the Friday and Sunday clinic, a total of 350 professional and office volunteers arrived to help, Jin explained.

While it is clear that the IYHP clinic is a service of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, spokesperson Nakamura stressed, “People who come here do not need to listen to a sermon, to read a sermon. book or be affiliated with all kind of church; we welcome everyone who comes through the doors.

IYHP Public Relations Coordinator Adam Nakamura Says Services Are Free To Everyone To Help Their Community.

“Often, I think, there is a stereotype that churches are exclusive; but in fact we do it to be inclusive – to meet the needs of each individual and our entire community, ”Nakamura continued. All volunteers come forward with one common goal in mind: to help others and connect with people.

In total, this year’s clinic helped 435 people improve their health.

>> On our homepage: Dr Charles Bong, OD examines a patient’s retina at this year’s IYHP clinic.

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