The sad mockery of Indian democracy


Even the Japanese, who started out as friends of the Modi government, have calmed down over the mess caused by the bullet train project and, of course, there isn’t much to say even about their Ram temple’s favorite project which is now riddled with corruption, land grabbing issues and a bitter struggle for property between the Modi-Shah duo on the one hand and Yogi Adityanath on the other.

The RSS, which claimed to be able to prepare its forces within three days to fight at the borders with all the government resources at its disposal, could not even undertake a simple operation to rescue Indians in Afghanistan which, as usual, was made by the Indian Air Force and Air India. I remember yet another indiscriminate rescue operation in Iraq performed with such ease in an era before social media that hardly anyone noticed except for post-op reporting.

It is contemptible of this government to say that it will only save Sikhs and Hindus – there are a lot of Indian citizens in Afghanistan who are Muslims and they deserve to be evacuated as much as everyone else. But what to expect from a government whose other fetish projects – the repeal of Article 370 and the citizenship law, implemented without application of the spirit – have been equal failures, as been demonetization and the tax on goods and services?

Whatever the accusations against the government of the UPA, I would have been more confident with a Salman Khursheed as Minister of Foreign Affairs or P. Chidambaram as Minister of Finance or the Interior in these times of crisis. In fact, I remember the late BJP General Secretary Pramod Mahajan openly admitting to reporters that they did not have too many competent people in their party and that they would like to appoint Chidambaram or Dr Manmohan Singh as Minister of Finance. , but none were interested in partnering with the BJP.

It is the sad state of India today. Even a peon in a bank has to graduate from high school to get a job. To lead the nation all you need is demagoguery and charisma – it doesn’t matter if you are educated or competent or not and if you put your education to good use.

I cry for my beloved country. India did not deserve this mockery of democracy.

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