Why Kenya should have extradited Nnamdi Kanu to UK and not Nigeria – Lawyer


Aloy Ejimakor, one of the lawyers representing the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, again tackled Kenya for extraditing the agitator to Nigeria.

Naija News reports that in a statement on Sunday, Ejimakor said Nnamdi Kanu was technically still in Kenya.

According to the lawyer, Nigeria misled Kenya to illegally extradite the separatist to the country.

The statement said in part: “Yes, that’s right: in the purest interpretations of foreign relations law, as applied to Britain and Kenya, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is technically speaking, still in Kenya. How? ‘Or’ What? Dual nationality or not, Kanu left Britain and traveled to Kenya as a British citizen and Kenya admitted him as such. It’s the starting point.

“So after his admission to Kenya there are times when Kanu has to be kicked out of Kenyan soil (with or without due process), the next natural and legal thing to do is for Kenya to kick him out to Britain, not to the UK. Nigeria. Choosing to deport him to Nigeria means that he could also have been deported to a country other than Nigeria.

“Why? Because Kanu presented himself in Kenya as a British citizen, not a Nigerian citizen or even a dual citizen. In international law, this was clearly a three-way immigration contract between Kanu, the Great “Britain and Kenya. Nigeria was not a party; and Nigeria had never counted at Kenya’s port of entry when Kanu showed up for admission. Lawyers call this the contractual bond.”

“From the kidnapping of Kanu to the infamous rendition, Kenya has seen no other travel document that could have, besides Britain, attributed any other nationality to Kanu, including that of Nigeria. Or, was Kanu admitted to Kenya on a Nigerian birth certificate?

“So it is doubtful that Kenya granted Kanu Nigerian citizenship because the kidnapping and restitution sponsors presumably told Kenya that Kanu was born in Nigeria. “

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