Former seat of Malcolm Turnbull, new target for campaign to topple Liberal MPs


Warringah, along with the South Australian siege of Mayo and the Victorian siege of Indi, were all once safe Coalition seats, not held by economically conservative women but socially and environmentally progressive.

Mr Sharma, who has been handpicked by Mr Turnbull to replace him, as well as Mr Zimmerman and Mr Fletcher are all in favor of climate change but are bound by party rules on politics. Most recently, they voted with the government not to debate a bill from Ms Steggall to bring Australia to net zero emissions by 2050, which Scott Morrison could still commit to.

“We are all deeply disappointed with Liberal MP Dave Sharma who has been missing in the fight against climate change, the number one concern of voters in the electorate,” the Wentworth Independents said in a statement.

“Most of our supporters voted Liberal and many have donated to the Liberal Party in the past.

“An independent in Wentworth will ensure a crossover group capable of tackling climate change. “

The group also supports the creation of a national integrity commission, which the Morrison government has been slow to act on.

The movement has not yet found a candidate.

In addition to measures against moderate liberals, there are “voice of” campaigns in the New England seat of Barnaby Joyce, the Hughes seat of former liberal Craig Kelly, the Victorian seat of Greg Hunt of Flinders, the headquarters of Angus Taylor Hume as well as the headquarters of Groom and Fadden in Queensland.

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