On the Center-North Security Summit


Away from the burning issue of transmitting election results from voting units to the central server, Melting Point this week examines laudable efforts to tackle protracted insecurity in the north-central area of ​​the country.

We believe that the unnecessary controversy over the transmission of poll results will soon be assuaged. Thank you to the ever sensitive and conscious Nigerian public who have come to provide the necessary checks and balances to the legislative and executive excesses of the government. The Nigerian public has provided adequate oversight of the activities of the legislature and the executive in recent times, with no government decisions or actions allowed to go without review. This has gone a long way in reducing democratic tyranny with unpleasant results on the part of the government. What we need now is nothing less than adding value to GEJ’s electoral reforms.

The ongoing debate between members of the government and the general public over proposed amendments to the electoral law has been a national concern seeking to improve the integrity of the electoral process. While members of the government are more concerned with how to personally benefit from the process by protecting their current offices at all costs, the general public is concerned about the continued manipulation of the electoral process that has rigged many unworthy representatives in power, resulting in legislative manipulation of inputs and actions.

Let’s suspend the discussion on this for now and see how it goes, because the National Assembly still has enough time to correct itself and save itself from ridicule. Some of the lawmakers shamelessly traded blows and fought dirty in the sacred chambers just to protect the flawed and filthy processes that brought them clandestinely to power. People are, however, very ready for them like never before.

This week, yours sincerely takes a look at the Security Summit proposed by the North Central Peoples’ Forum, NCPF, to address the lingering security challenges of the North Central area as it continues to grow. intensify. Thanks to the forum’s efforts under the leadership of Senator (General) Jérémie Timbut Useni and other respected leaders in the area.

The South-West, South-East and South-South geopolitical zones have drawn the attention of their zones to the urgent need to put an end to the insecurity in their zones and to make life easier. The entire governance structure in the southern part of the country called on its inhabitants to escalate security situations in their various regions and agreed on common positions. They went deep into the x-ray of the situation and passed far-reaching resolutions on how to protect their areas and their people. They agreed to ban open grazing and gave themselves deadlines to put in place common laws for implementation. All the people of the South are firmly and resolutely behind their rulers in this crusade for life.

But the North, where the situation is more intrusive and biting, has yet to do the same even though it is supposed to be more worried. The main actors in the South zone, led by their elected governors, have looked without sleep for solutions to kidnappings, kidnappings, clashes between breeders and farmers, etc. and despite ethnic, religious and other differences, put partisanship aside to save the lives of their people. The lack of such commitment and determination on the part of the Northern Bloc has led the North Central Peoples Forum to draw the attention of its people to the challenges on the ground.

It is beyond the imagination of many that our northern governors continue to watch and listen to their southern colleagues fervently deliberating on the insecurity of their regions without saying a word or meeting to discuss the same issues affecting their area. It also shocked the nation that, while the laxity persists, some important stakeholders in the North have criticized the South for working to create a safer environment for their people when they do nothing for their situation. It is rather regrettable that such an attitude continues.

The truth remains, that the north should be more engaged in stabilizing the security of its area instead of complaining about what others are doing for themselves. The south is not getting permission from the north to protect its people and therefore the latter should be challenged more to do something to stop their growing security concerns instead of speaking out.

Kudos to the north-central stakeholders who took the bull by the horns and agreed among themselves to come together regardless of political, ethnic and religious differences to strategize to contain the growing security challenges in the region. It will be interesting the resolutions to be expected from this strategic session of critical minds.

The center-north, being the host of the country’s capital Abuja and having in its historical record three former military heads of state, Generals Yakubu Gowon, Ibrahim Babangida and Abdulsalami Abubakar fears that being in the center, it must ensure a peaceful and secure environment for its own development and that of the nation, addressing the growing wave of violence and other criminal activity that threatens the area and slows its growth and progress.

The first session of the security summit is expected to take place soon in Abuja with the 6 governors of Benue, Plateau, Kwara, Kogi, Niger, Nasarawa and the representative of Minister FCT who should be present alongside the police leadership. and other security agencies, civil society organizations, traditional and community leaders.

Speaking to General Useni in his office a few days ago, the former statesman said the security summit will bring all hands on deck to ensure a solid discussion and the adoption of a plan. strategic action to face the challenges on the ground.

General Useni, Sardaunan Plateau and Nasarawa States added that already, all 6 state governors are visited in their respective states and mobilized for the historic event. He assured that the outcome of the strategic meeting will bring many changes in the direction of security, peace and general development of the region and create an environment conducive to the exploration of the vast potentials of the region in the fields of agriculture, mining, tourism, commerce and commerce, sports other known holidays in the respective states.

Forum Publicity Secretary Rt Hon Sule Audu Dekison said prominent area leaders, including all retired chiefs and security experts, are all expected at the strategy meeting to assess the situation in matters and aggregate the different opinions and measures of stakeholders in the security and intelligence sectors, and how to implement them jointly for a safer Center-North area.

The north center, coming from behind, seems ready to catch up with its southern counterparts by offering practical solutions to the problems. While the South West has created the Amotekun and the South East its own version, the Center-North is surely in the process of coming up with its own security apparatus which is of its own to its own. The issue of the North Central Development Commission, NCDC is also on the table of the Forum which is a governance structure that can subsequently serve as an umbrella for the achievement of laudable goals of peace, security and development of the region.

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