Why Kanu cannot be tried in Nigeria, by lawyers


Of Magnus eze, Enugu

Lawyers yesterday weighed in on the head of Extradition and Detention of Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, explaining why he cannot be tried on the basis of his recent extraordinary rendition which brought him to Nigeria.

Meanwhile, the IPOB demanded the unconditional release of its leader due to the nature of his interception as a British citizen and also as a nonviolent agitator for self-determination.

Kanu’s special advocate Aloy Ezimakor and fellow lawyer Anthony Olisa have insisted that the Nigerian government’s underhand tactics to intercept Kanu into Nigeria from Kenya violate all known international protocols.

They called the kidnapping outright illegal, explaining that the legal way to carry out such an action was extradition. They also said that for a trial to take place, the question of how Kanu was brought to Nigeria must first be resolved.

According to Ejimakor, Kanu’s restitution will live in infamy as she violated extradition law from Kenya (the country of kidnapping), Britain (the country of domicile and citizenship) and even the Nigeria (the country of destination).

He added that in addition to responding to its conscience as a nation, Nigeria will ultimately have to respond to Britain, the international community and even Kenya if Kenya succeeds in denying any official complicity in the process. restitution.

The lawyer, who met Kanu on Wednesday at the State Services Department (DSS) premises in Abuja for nearly three hours, said that responding to the rendition meant Nigeria would face a mix. consequences, including legal, diplomatic and political.

“The easiest thing to see is that Nigeria has, with its own hands, lost its jurisdiction to bring Kanu to trial. In sporting terms, we can say that Nigeria has scored against its own camp, ”he said.

Ejimakor preferred Kanu’s case to that of the Minister of the Second Republic, Umaru Dikko, who was “smashed” from London by the military regime of General Muhammadu Buhari in 1984.

Although Dikko’s kidnapping was unsuccessful, the lawyer said “it had the following consequences: Britain quickly arrested 17 people, four were convicted and they served between six and eight years in prison . Britain expelled the Nigerian high commissioner and severed diplomatic relations with Nigeria for two years. And most tellingly, Nigeria’s subsequent demands for Britain to extradite Dikko and others were summarily dismissed.

“All of this was done even though Dikko was not a British citizen but a private resident. Conversely, Kanu is a bona fide British citizen, traveling on a British passport when illegally returned to Nigeria from Kenya. This should offset more compensatory measures.

“Extradition is the only valid way to hand an international fugitive from one country to another. This is why Nigeria was punished for daring to kidnap Dikko. There is no reason to think Kanu’s case will be any different.

“Nigeria has an extradition law known as the Extradition Act. Kenya has a similar law but with a slightly different name. Britain has its own. All three are, in essence, very similar and strict to boot. “

Ejimakor further noted that other municipal and international laws, conventions and protocols to which Nigeria was subject but which he chose not to abide by just to bring Kanu to Nigeria, when added, indicated that his trial would not be possible.

In addition, the President of the Igbo National Movement (INM), Anthony Olisa called the thinking of the Attorney General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami, that an arrest warrant in Nigeria can be executed at will at the international level without a process. extradition.

Olisa said: “Mali believes that there is nothing illegal about the Nigerian government kidnapping a British citizen who has renounced his Nigerian nationality, in a foreign country, where he entered legally with a British passport. He is wrong.

“I believe that with this kidnapping, the Nigerian government has made a monumental error in judgment, which will deteriorate our relations with Britain and our neighbors.”

Meanwhile, UK Igbo Advisers and Members of Parliament (ICM-UK) held a dialogue with the UK community seeking justice and called on the UK government and the Commonwealth Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Development to call for Kanu’s release from illegal detention in Nigeria and his return to the UK.

The meeting, held on July 13, convened on Saturday Sun, condemned Kanu’s dehumanization and opposed any form of trial of the IPOB leader in Nigeria.

A statement from the General Coordinator of UK Igbo Advisers, Nneka Keazor and ICM-UK Publicity / Secretary General, Hon. Endy Ezenwata said the message of the conference was clear: “Free a British citizen kidnapped and tortured in Nigeria. The Nigerian government has been urged to release Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Opposition to any form of lawsuit in Nigeria. Nigeria will seek the extradition of British citizen Mazi Kanu as an appropriate protocol. “

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