“Are you doing it?” »® to reach more women at risk of breast cancer


Women rely on their girlfriends for everything from romantic advice and emotional support to direct response to jeans size. We talk to each other about all the most important things – and that should include our risk of developing breast cancer, too.

A multimedia campaign that ran last month in central Pennsylvania invites women to ask our friends, “Are you doing this? »® The” it “in question is to smell your breasts to check for lumps. This is the latest in a series of bold and eye-catching campaigns by the Feel Your Boobies® Foundation to raise awareness of the often overlooked risk of breast cancer in young women.

The Feel Your Boobies® Foundation educates young women by encouraging them to “feel their fools”. Our slogan is our message. The Feel Your Boobies® call to action reminds young women to adopt a life-saving habit and encourages them to share our call with their friends.

The FYB® message has never been so vital. Breast cancer diagnoses have dropped by half and mammogram rates have dropped by more than 60% during the pandemic. They have yet to rebound among women of color and low income women. To reach these at-risk groups, FYB® has expanded our annual campaign to reach even more women in central Pennsylvania through the stories of a diverse group of survivors.

Black women, women with partners in the military, Hispanic women and many more have come together to urge other women to ask themselves this vital question: “Are you doing it?” »® If you’re not, now is the time to start.

“Women must continue to be vigilant about the real risks of breast cancer,” says Leigh Hurst, founder of Feel Your Boobies®, a breast cancer survivor. “Almost 80% of young women under 40 diagnosed with breast cancer have found their own bumps, so connecting with young women is essential. “

The “Are You Doing It? Campaign targeting African American women generated more than 6 million impressions in the local media market and was honored with the Hermes Creative Awards, one of the oldest and largest creative competitions in the world. world. The success of fundraising and grant applications has allowed us to expand this year’s campaign to target more women in even more counties: Adams, Berks, Dauphin, Cumberland, Lancaster, Lebanon and York.

“The fight against breast cancer requires a greater awareness among women of all ages that they may be at risk, including women under 40,” says Michele M. Reinert, CFRE, Executive Director Berks Breast Cancer Support Services (Berks BCSS). “We are delighted that the Feel Your Boobies® Foundation has extended this year’s campaign to include Berks County, where young women listen to the organization’s vital message.

So far, 3,700 new users have visited our campaign landing page on AreYouDoingIt.com, inspired by region-wide advertising on billboards, bus wraps, Hulu and digital ads on Google Display Video, TikTok, Facebook and other social media channels,

“I ask all my friends, ‘Are you doing it? »® As a survivor, I know the critical importance of feeling your breasts. I want my friends, family and peers to know that one small step can save lives, ”says Vanessa Shurley, communications coordinator for BCSS of Berks, a survivor featured in the“ Are You Doing It? ”Campaign. “I’m thrilled that FYB® is targeting more women under 40 across central Pennsylvania with this life-saving call to action. “

Hurst is available to discuss a range of topics related to breast cancer, breast cancer diagnosis and breast cancer awareness. She can also explain why she wanted to expand our annual awareness campaign and any cancer survival or diagnosis stories you have in the works.

Amid the challenges of 2020, Hurst and FYB® continued to reach out to women by reminding them to ‘feel their titties’. Last October, Hurst launched his book, “Say Something Big: Feel Your Boobies®. Find your voice.

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