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From hiring a virtual public relations consultant to hiring professional writers and translators, the platform aims to democratize public relations

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – Media reach – July 2, 2021 – In the following week, 100 companies have signed up to access the new and improved public relations platform. The founders, public relations (PR) practitioner Manminder Kaur Dhillon and former broadcast journalist Puspavathy Ramaloo call him the Great public relations platform, with new features that aim to help anyone – be it a startup or a Fortune 500 company – manage their entire PR campaign on one platform.

“The goal was to create an all-in-one PR platform when we started five years ago. Today we have achieved it. We have remained true to our slogan: “The easiest way to advertise your brand ‘ by making it credit-based, instead of charging users subscription fees, better UI / UX, and some powerful new features. is probably the world’s first super PR app, ”enthuses Manminder, also CEO of Supernewsroom.

Users can access the platform for free and get 10 credits worth $ 0.50 each (RM2) upon registration. They can access the media database and send press releases to 30,000 journalists in eight countries, namely Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Vietnam and others in the region. Prepaid credits are deducted from each e-mail sent from the platform and can be recharged at any time.

“It’s designed for everyone – whether you’re new to PR or a seasoned practitioner. On, users can select the tags most relevant to their brand and / or press releases to be associated with. right publications or to the right journalists. Using an integrated email they can send their content instantly. The best part is that now users can engage experts directly on the platform using prepaid credits, “he said. she declared.

A virtual public relations consultant, professional writers and translators are among the experts available on the platform according to Manminder. Users can seek public relations advice, and have their press releases written and translated into local languages.

Manminder added that as more businesses embrace digitalization due to the COVID-19 pandemic and taking into account where today’s workforce is much smaller and of the challenges of working from home, a transparent collaborative platform such as is a necessity.

“We understand the growing need for digitalization and team collaboration. So the new and improved will be one of the pieces of the puzzle that a brand needs to be successful in these difficult times. Businesses can benefit from it. multi-user access in, which makes it easier to collaborate on a PR campaign. Users can view each campaign – the list of targeted media, create favorite media lists / folders for a certain topic or press release , and with the integration of Google News, they can monitor the success of their PR campaigns. “

According to Manminder, partnerships with media agencies will also be the team’s top priority going forward. Supernewsroom’s guaranteed media coverage service is gaining popularity with businesses. It is also thanks to the establishment’s partnership with more than 60 media for guaranteed placements throughout the region.

“The platform also allows multimedia agencies to better monetize their sites. Media agencies earn from content placements with us and this is strictly based on their editorial policies. Ultimately, we envision that will be the market that users will have access to. industry professionals, from public relations consultants to content creators and content placement. “

Rapid global scale-up will be one of the key areas of focus according to Manminder, and to achieve this, Supernewsroom is stepping up its digital marketing efforts, among others.

“Many projects are underway to expand rapidly. Our goal is to have a strong global presence, especially in key markets such as Southeast Asia, Asia-Pacific and the United States, ”added Manminder.

For more information on Supernewsroom, please visit To access the platform, follow this link:

About Supernewsroom is a company invested by Cradle Fund and was recognized as the best media technology start-up in the Vikingcubator Challenge (Singapore). Founded in 2009 as Intelectasia, an award-winning public relations agency (Gold Award for Excellence in Public Relations 2013), we quickly evolved into a fully integrated company with notable expertise in public relations consulting, training in public relations and digital media relations. We’re proud to be a hybrid PR firm – backed by a traditional PR firm and a tech startup. To date, we have served over 1000 customers around the world. Our team is made up of award-winning former journalists and experienced public relations practitioners.


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