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Ralston Barrett wears many hats – public relations practitioner, music producer, artist director, businessman, etc. – but the title that gives him the most pride is “Daddy”.

Barrett, who will be the first to admit the challenges of raising his five-year-old daughter, Symphony, are many, said he would never trade the precious moments she brought to his life.

Recovering from an accident that required him to undergo therapy and dig deep into his pockets – emptied by the business slowdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic – he recalls the interaction with his daughter, who was in the vehicle with him at the time.

“I was driving early on a Sunday morning with my daughter when another vehicle crashed into the left side of our vehicle. When I looked to my left, I could see the other vehicle coming very quickly towards us. I immediately began to pray in my mind as I tried to avoid the accident. However, the other car hit us again. At this point all I wanted to know was that my daughter was not injured, ”he said. The gleaner.

Barrett said he instinctively called her to find out if she was okay and was relieved when she said yes. He said he almost cried when she asked him a question.

“She said, ‘Daddy, are you dead?’ I said no and she asked me the same question again and I said no, and she said, ‘Are you sure, daddy?’, And I said yes, ”he said. said.

He was relieved when she got to the front of the car as directed so he could make sure she wasn’t injured and realized she didn’t have a scratch. It quickly turned into excruciating pain when he realized he couldn’t move his foot.

It was another touching moment for the proud father who, although in pain, couldn’t help but be amazed when he told her he couldn’t walk and pushed her out the window.

“Immediately she started shouting, ‘Help! Help! Help! Please my daddy needs help! remembers Barrett. “Just talking about it brings tears to my eyes because we could have died.”

When police arrived at the scene, her little angel reminded her to put on her mask as they took her to the hospital.

Barrett said that after being taken to hospital, his injuries were misdiagnosed and he was treated and sent home with a referral to go to another hospital.

A few days later, he was admitted, leaving him no choice but to leave Symphony in the care of his nanny.

“Being away from her was very difficult for both of us because we weren’t used to being away from each other for long periods of time. She was going to be five in August and I’ve been raising her alone since she was one, ”he explained of the close bond they’ve formed over the years.

He will spend more than two months in the hospital.

“That was the hardest part, she was staying with parents in Westmoreland, and every time I video called her she would cry and say, ‘Daddy, are you coming back?'”

Barrett remembers asking him the same question when he went to the clinic last November before being admitted, and he assured her he would come back. However, they discovered that his leg was infected and he had to be hospitalized.

“When they told me I had to stay in the hospital, I started crying because I had broken my promise to come home with my child and it hurt my heart to know that ‘she was at home waiting for me to get home and I had to drop her,’ he said.

He said his bond with Symphony was one of the most rewarding things he has ever done in his life. For him, nothing compares to being a father and he wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Barrett said he saw a lot in her and all he wanted was for her to be a good human being.

“I would like to take this opportunity to encourage men who have had children and who are not doing what it takes to get in tune and be a good father to their children. Children need their fathers, ”he said.

– Cecelia Campbell-Livingston

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