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Among the many events impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic was the annual UO Sports Department Student-Athlete Graduation Ceremony. Spring term in Oregon ended last Friday, so is spending this week recognizing Ducks graduates.

Monday: Volleyball, Beach, Golf, Cheering
Tuesday: Acrobatics and Tumbling, Football, Tennis
Wednesday: Basketball, Lacrosse, Baseball, Softball
Thursday: Cross Country, Athletics
Friday: Soccer

Noah Affolder
Major: General sciences – emphasis on human physiology and chemistry
Plans after graduation: I plan to be an EMT before applying to PA school.

Jared Brière Diploma

Jared Briere
Major: Journalism – Advertising
Plans after graduation: Back to UO for a Masters in Advertising and Brand Responsibility.

Iman Brown Diploma

Iman brown
Chi Alpha Sigma
Major: GSS – Applied Economics, Business & Society
Plans after graduation: Personal fitness and social media influencer

Gaston Bouchereau Diploma

Gaston Bouchereau
Major: Sociology
Plans after graduation: I will pursue my real estate license and I intend to return the houses, land and contracts

Diploma of Carmela Cardama Baez

Carmela Cardama Baez
Chi Alpha Sigma
Graduate program: Prevention science
Plans after graduation: Professional athlete

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Justin collins
Major: Sociology
Plans after graduation: Pursue my graduate studies and a film career as a director while realizing my athletic and football aspirations

Brianna Duncan's Diploma

Brianna duncan
Chi Alpha Sigma
Major: ESG – Crime, law and society
Plans after graduation: Continue my career on the right track and work in my field

Alexis Ellis Diploma

Alexis Ellis
Major: Psychology
Plans after graduation: Master’s program here at U of O

Dalen Hargett Diploma

Dalen hargett
Graduate program: Prevention science
Plans after graduation: Be a fly fishing guide in the Indo-Pacific Ocean

Jonathan Harvey's Diploma

Jonathan harvey
Major: ESG – Crime, law and society
Plans after graduation: Join the police

Carly Kleefeld Diploma

Carly Kleefeld
Major: Psychology
Minor: Special education
Plans after graduation: Become a development counselor for primary-age children / work in a primary-age special education class

Jacoby McNamara Diploma

Jacoby McNamara
Major: Art
Plans after graduation: Become a comic book illustrator / writer

Jackson Mestler Diploma

Jackson Mestler
Major: Biology / Spanish
Minor: Chemistry
Plans after graduation: Medical field, sales

Kate Murphy's Diploma

Catherine murphy
Major: Psychology
Minor: Sports affairs
Plans after graduation: Currently planning to teach abroad in Thailand for one year.

Riley Ovall Diploma

Riley oval
Major: ESG – Crime, law and society
Minor: Creative writing
Plans after graduation: Faculty of Law

Graduation Laura Paredes

Laura Paredes Meza
Chi Alpha Sigma
Major: GSS – Globalization, environment and politics
Plans after graduation: Professional athlete.

Jasmin Reed graduation ceremony

Jasmine Reed
Major: ESG – Crime, law and society
Plans after graduation: I intend to obtain my teaching degrees which will allow me to move up the educational ladder to eventually work in a school board, while starting my entrepreneurship in clothing.

Hannah Reinhardt graduation ceremony

Hannah reinhardt
Graduate program: Advertising and brand responsibility
Plans after graduation: While pursuing my dream of running professionally, I am also pursuing a career in advocacy

Austin Tamagno Diploma

Austin Tamagno
Major: Economy
Plans after graduation: to be determined

Sydnee Walker's Diploma

Sydnee walker
Major: Journalism and public relations
Plans after graduation: I recently accepted a full-time position with the NCAA Marketing / PR team at Turner Sports

Stéphanie Ward diploma

Stephanie Ward
Major: General science
Minor: Anthropology / Psychology
Plans after graduation: attend doctoral school

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