School suspended 300 students in 12 classes because of online photos


The punished students took hidden photos during lessons and distance learning. Then they posted it on the Internet, accompanied by “insults, insults and sexual innuendos” – explained Raffaella Corretti, the director of the Caraglio gymnasium, which imposed the collective punishment. Students were made redundant but required to attend classes.

Some admitted their guilt, others denied it. Many have admitted to seeing these photos. It is bittersweet that no one wants to stop this chain and let parents or teachers know.

Italian Media reported that the school principal sent a long letter to parents of sanctioned middle school students and encouraged them to reflect on the disrespect shown by young people. At the same time, she noted that in most European countries the obligation to create an account on social networks is the age of 16, while in Italy it is 14, and below this age, the consent of the parents is required, who at the same time assume full responsibility.

Some of the images uploaded and posted are so offensive that parents of affected students and teachers will consider legal action.

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Source: Door

Date Created: June 12, 2021, 06:33

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