El Camino College debut will be virtual again amid COVID-19


The 74th annual El Camino College launch ceremony will take place virtually on June 11 at 4 p.m. via Zoom, as the college campus remains closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The kick-off committee decided to continue their plans to hold the ceremony live, despite other Los Angeles County colleges and universities starting to host in-person graduation ceremonies.

“The graduation kick-off committee started planning and strategizing for the start of this year in December, it was just at the height of an increase in COVID cases,” said Kerri Webb, Acting Director of Public Information and Government Relations.

Although vaccines are now more readily available and California will reopen fully on June 15, Webb said the El Camino College district still strongly encourages students and staff to get fully vaccinated as soon as possible as they prioritize to the safety of the community before making decisions regarding in-person events.

“We really put a lot of effort into making this the momentous event it deserves,” said Webb. “To cross out, everything we’ve done and trying to scramble and set up an in-person start months later just wouldn’t do full justice to what the beginning calls for.”

Inception badges such as caps and dresses were also available for students to order through the Launch site 2021, where graduate students had the choice of having the badges delivered to their homes or picked up on campus while respecting social distancing and mask-requirement precautions.

“LA County Public Health is also a bit more conservative than the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in that we are still not fully approved to do things the CDC now allows, such as than larger gatherings, “Holly Fall, nurse practitioner at CEC told.” This is also something to consider. “

Students who have already graduated in 2020 have also been invited to participate in this year’s virtual graduation ceremony by submitting their photos, videos and quotes to celebrate.

“It is very unfortunate for the students that such an event only takes place virtually and I feel bad for them, but on the other hand, public health wins,” said Fall. “I’m hoping that some students who go and go to four-year college will one day be able to graduate in person once things get better.”

Rodnay Smith, 27, a specialist in early childhood development who is scheduled to be the students’ start-of-year speaker, said the online process for applying for graduation and submitting forms is a process simple that eased the dismay of online graduation.

With the help of updates shared by El Camino College Instagram page, students and staff could easily be made aware of new information about the start.

” I think it is [better] because we’re not the first promotion to go through this, ”Smith said. “The committee has been able to improve it and prepare online services and health [considerations] this time.”

Although Smith was a bit disappointed to have experienced the event virtually after spending five years pursuing a behavioral science degree, she mentions noticing that other graduate students have also expressed empathy for the current situation. regarding the pandemic.

“Having it online doesn’t always take away less enthusiasm to achieve something, it doesn’t take away from our accomplishments,” said Smith. “Through all the adversity and hardships of being a full-time student in a pandemic, we can still celebrate, participate and support each other, even online. “

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