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I still remember the first time I saw “award-winning” on a professional biography. The woman was experienced, a confident presenter, and I was studying her to understand how I could follow a path to someday become like her. I just couldn’t imagine how amazing I had to be to win a professional award like she had.

Little did I know that I was going to eventually apply to over 100 nominations for others and also become an awards judge, experiencing the entire process.

What I’ve learned is that standing out takes preparation and often a plan to become an award winner in your industry. There are a few solid avenues that one can take to improve the odds of achieving award winning status, some of which are extremely easy to follow.

Path 1: Focus on measurable achievements

Many industry awards programs focus on achievement. In order to win these type of submissions, it is important to have accomplishments that can stand out among others.

If you’re looking to win a future award, you can use your quarterly review or work planning period to think about ways to proactively generate new accomplishments for the following year’s award nominations. Some questions to ask yourself in the planning process are provided below.

  1. Are there any new projects that I will be doing this year? How can I measure and report results that can be shared publicly?
  2. How much money can I earn or save for the business this year? Are there ways to maximize this?
  3. What major transitions are currently taking place in the industry? How can I have a big impact on this change?

Thinking proactively each year can help you prioritize results that lead to rewards.

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Path 2: Network and share your goals

Although self-nominations are often accepted, some awards prefer that someone else provide the nomination for you. Letting people know that you hope to win an award next year can give them the idea to nominate you when the opportunity arises.

Another reason to network is to make sure those who are judging see you in action and are aware of your impact and leadership. I have served on boards of directors for rewards and a natural tendency in our human minds is to give preference to those we know and have seen great things done. If people have heard of you and have positive memories, it will increase your chances of winning.

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Path 3: Be a thought leader

Being an industry leader also generates positive awareness which can lead to recognition by award judges. Some awards even have a rating specifically to assess your leadership in advancing the industry, so being seen as such is a direct path to victory.

Some ways to build your thought leadership profile include writing content on your blog or LinkedIn profile, contributing to industry publications, interviewing on podcasts, or speaking at events.

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Way 4: Get started!

Using these pathways to build an awards-worthy profile is the first step in achieving this goal, but none of it matters without a well-written award submission.

Often, reviewers read dozens or even hundreds of submissions, so if your content is poor it won’t get very far in the review process.

If you’re not comfortable writing about yourself, find a professional who knows how to write nominations for great awards and hire them to help you. Even if you are nominated by another person, he or she often needs your input to fill in responses, so provide quality written content to increase your chances of getting noticed.

Winning awards isn’t just a measure of vanity, it’s a real differentiator for professionals in most industries that can lead to better opportunities and higher pay. For entrepreneurs, this can mean the difference between landing a client or losing a contract to a competitor with similar qualifications.

Keeping an annual or semi-annual budget for award submissions is a great way to keep your business and employees in regular consideration for opportunities to earn these honors, which you can use for public relations and brand credibility to earn. new business.

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