TxDOT launches campaign hoping to save lives on the road


EXARKANA, Texas (KTAL / KMSS) – The Texas Department of Transportation’s campaign against distracted driving is underway.

The speech. Text. Crash. “Is an effort to remind motorists that not being careful can have serious consequences. Authorities said 367 people died last year and 2,205 were seriously injured as a result of distracted driving.

As of September 1, 2017, it is illegal to read, write, or send text while driving in Texas. Violators can face a fine of up to $ 200.

TxDOT officials want to remind motorists to put down their phones and give full attention to driving whenever they are behind the wheel.

Dangerous distractions include any activity that distracts the driver from safe operation of a vehicle, including the use of a cell phone. Research shows that whether a driver uses a text-to-speech program, a hands-free device, or a portable device, the distraction will affect the driver’s ability to drive safely.

TxDOT’s new campaign offers these tips for avoiding distracted driving that can lead to a ticket, or worse, an accident:

Always give your full attention to driving

Completely pull off the road and come to a complete stop before speaking or texting

Put your phone away, turn it off or adjust your settings to block text messages and calls while driving

Tell your friends, family and coworkers that you will not be answering texts or calls while driving

Remember that all distractions are dangerous, so take extra care when driving

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