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For Coach’s latest campaign, showcasing its pre-fall 2021 collection, the brand called on Hari Nef, Dree Hemingway and Rickey Thompson to star in a fantastic road-trip setting. Photographed by Max Farago outside of Los Angeles, the footage is meant to evoke all the freedom and fun that comes with an early summer road trip with friends, all dressed in modern American sportswear.

Thompson, who has worked with the brand since 2019, was one to watch during the lockdown as his social media videos gained popularity. Playing with fashion and humor, Thompson says Coach is a perfect match for him, having grown up seeing his mother and grandmother wearing Coach.

The campaign was “everything,” he said over the phone. “We shot in a big open field, the clothes were so amazing, the photography was pretty cool. The whole atmosphere was everything.

Although he hates driving – “I’d rather fly” – he loves the Los Angeles to Palm Springs road trip to Coachella every year.

“You’re in the car with your friends, you meet the artists who are going to be a part of the lineup, and it’s so much fun,” he says. “We play EDM for pop to rap or whatever, all the different genres, sometimes flashbacks.”

Thompson, both actor and model, leans towards relaxation when it comes to his personal style.

“My choice would probably be anything that is very elegant but also very relaxed. I love loose pants, loose jeans – it’s so comfortable and it fits so much, ”he says. “And then a nice little top or something – very relaxed but also very warm at the same time.”

From the Coach shoot, he has his eye on a pair of ’60s-inspired shorts.

“I was like ‘can I take this?’ And they were like “not yet but we will send them”. I love cute little shorts, ”he says. “I’ll probably wear them with a loose tee or a nice tight tank top – give it a summer ’60s style.”

Dree Hemingway, Hari Nef and Rickey Thompson for the coach.
Courtesy of Max Farago

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