New Mexico relaunches ‘Toss No Mas’ anti-waste campaign


SANTA FE, NM (AP) – New Mexico transportation officials say road waste has become a persistent problem for the state, so they are relaunching the ‘Toss No Mas’ campaign with a new twist.

Transport Secretary Mike Sandoval said on Monday his agency had nearly 900 boots on the ground to pick up trash and debris year round. The day after cleaning a section of road, he said new garbage was emerging.

“During the pandemic, the problem seemed to get worse. PPE has been found everywhere, ”he said, referring to the personal protective equipment used to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. “We are asking for everyone’s help.”

The campaign will include “Can the Trash” and “Tie it. Cover it up. Pick up. ”Officials said they have found that the largest accumulations of trash come from people who don’t tie up their trash bags, yawn their loads, or pick up debris or litter.

The “Toss No Mas” campaign was created in the 90s by Cooney-Watson Productions. Santa Fe songwriter Jim Terr wrote a memorable song with an anti-waste public service message. Taos musician Michael Hearne was then brought in to sing a touching version of the song and it became a well-known anthem across New Mexico.

The campaign modernization includes a new radio jingle. There will also be digital ads, social media campaigns, billboards and ice packs at gas stations displaying the slogans.

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