Nigeria: Texem teaches leadership and innovation success during tough times


From Volkswagen to Dunlop, from Nigerian Airways to NITEL, from Peugeot to NEPA, one could argue that what they all have in common apart from extinction in Nigeria is poor strategic leadership, limited innovation and many failed change initiatives.

Therefore, it is essential for organizations to develop strategic leadership and to have innovation in their DNA more than ever before.

The world is facing a period of turbulence. The pandemic and the current challenges are overwhelming for economies around the world. Every aspect of our daily life has been turned upside down, and the general perception is that it has come to stay or at best change the way we live forever.

This is not the first time the world has witnessed a crisis. We’ve been down this route before and recovered.

The hospitality, travel, entertainment, oil and gas, financial services, and government industries, among others, suffered a significant downturn during this period. Despite all of these challenges, several organizations (e.g. telecom, logistics, fintech and tech companies) have also experienced tremendous growth and expansion during the same period. What all of these successful companies have in common is that they have strategic leaders who inspire collaboration and innovation in their organization.

At TEXEM, we recognize the urgent need for organizations to focus on innovation at this critical time. Many post-crisis growths are expected and we know that only innovative solutions will generate the profitable growth essential to overcome the existential challenges we face.

With this in mind, TEXEM invites organizations and leaders to participate in our impactful and well-designed program to be held from May 26 to May 27, 2021, titled LEADING AND DRIVING INNOVATION FOR SUCCESS DURING DIFFICULT TIMES.

This two-day executive development program will help senior executives in your organization develop the valuable information you need to effectively achieve your goals, especially with the plethora of socio-economic and wellness challenges the world is facing. currently faced.

The sessions will be live, virtual and very engaging to adapt to the new reality we are currently facing.

This executive development program would answer these critical questions and more. How should organizations pursue innovation for recovery and success? What are the lessons learned from unsuccessful attempts at innovation? What do the experts recommend? How to get out of this crisis and win? How to increase value through innovation? What is the strategic role of a leader in inspiring innovation in times of turbulence, and how could leaders facilitate this? We are convinced that through this TEXEM program you will find solutions to all these questions and more. You are sure to find this program very effective and beneficial.

Upon completion of this leadership and innovation driver for success during tough times, you will develop excellent skills on how to pursue innovation as a strategy for survival and profitable growth despite all the challenges that are currently facing. faced. With innovative strategies, you will be able to identify viable ideas that you can implement to thrive and achieve lasting success.

Key facilitators for this session are Professor Wim Vanhaverbeke, ESADE and University of Surrey and Dr Tony Raven, CEO of Cambridge University Enterprise, who will share actionable and needed insights on what it takes to lead and drive innovation for succeed in the midst of the pandemic.

They have a wealth of experience and practical knowledge that has helped hundreds of organizations excel, which is worth sharing. For example, Dr Tony Raven, a faculty of this program, leads the staff and students of the University of Cambridge University Enterprise in creating world-class societal benefits by commercializing their research and world-class scholarships. His strategic leadership has resulted in considerable growth for Cambridge University Enterprise; since 2011, its venture capital financing capacity has increased by 730%. The number of spin-outs created by Cambridge University Enterprise, of which Dr Tony Raven is the CEO, increased by 250% and its advisory support service increased by 90%. Today, Cambridge University Enterprise is one of the most successful offices internationally. Compared to its international peers, it generates more licenses per £ / $ of research funding and the lowest cost per license. Cambridge University spin-outs have generated the largest total investment over the past five years. Dr Tony Raven would share information on how he achieved this and how executives in the public and private sectors could achieve similar feats.

Each leader is invited to participate in this executive development program. Whether you are CEO, COO, CFO, HR Director, General Manager, Marketing Director, Accounting Director, Purchasing Director, you can’t afford to miss this program. In addition, participants could include the publicity manager, technical director and all other people in a managerial position. Dear Leaders, this TEXEM UK Leadership and Innovation Development Program is an opportunity to learn the actionable information needed to achieve lasting success. You can choose to apply as an individual or as a group in your organization. For more information please call +44 7425 883791 or email [email protected] or visit -during-tough-times /

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