Uniting Care and Beyond Housing Fear End of Government and Private Sector Support | Border mail



Increased government support, moratoriums on rents and the suspension of debt repayments have masked the true effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. But with the end of many supports on April 1 and the number of job seekers surpassing the number of border job offers by 13 to 1, charities fear that many residents will find themselves in a perilous situation. Kaily Goodsell, head of Uniting Care’s financial and gaming advisory team, fears residents are turning to payday lenders out of desperation. “All of these things being pulled out if not stopped all together – it’s the perfect storm,” Ms. Goodsell said. “There are huge levels of stress felt locally that can translate into depression and anxiety.” We don’t want people making rash decisions or reckless decisions to go to payday lenders because that you end up paying exorbitant interest and fees out of desperation. “The worst thing you can do is do nothing, you have to take care of it, it won’t go away.” Celia Adams of Beyond Housing said it was easy for people to tell people on JobSeeker to just ‘get a job’, but the reality was much harsher with the number of people looking for work well over the number of open positions in the region. “There are already so many people looking for jobs, it’s just devastating,” she said. IN OTHER NEWS: Ms Adams called the $ 50 bi-weekly increase in jobseekers’ payment – $ 3.75 per day – “totally inadequate.” “The income assistance payment remains below the poverty line,” she said. “When you are already living in poverty, it is in itself a barrier to finding work. It’s hard to find work when you don’t have a place to sleep, or wash your clothes, or prepare and write a job application. “The very low job search rate keeps people in poverty and deprives them of the opportunity to improve their situation.” Ms. Goodsell said the increase of $ 3.75 was insulting. people feel emotionally worthless, ”she said. use. There are many reasons they can be paid, including domestic violence. “The majority of people are on JobSeeker because they have to be. It’s bad enough, but having such a small raise and being told to be grateful makes an already bad situation worse for them.” Ms Goodsell said financial advisers could advise residents and defend their names free of charge and creditors would have to wait until after the financial advice appointment.


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