Ford asks Texas dealers to loan F-150s for use as generators


The 2.0 kW and 2.4 kW systems each have a pair of 120 volt, 20 amp AC outlets.

Antuan Goodwin / Roadshow

One of the most remarkable aspects of Ford’s new F-150 is the possibility of equipping it with a generator to motorize tools (or mixers or televisions). Ford has decided that he can use this trick to helping people in texas who are suffering without power after winter storms that caused widespread blackouts across the state.

Ford has asked dealers in Texas to lend their stock of F-150 PowerBoost hybrid models – some 415 trucks in total – to help homes and businesses, according to a report released Thursday by Automotive News. He even changed his loan program to make this process easier.

Specifically, Ford is increasing its loan fees paid to dealers by $ 600 to help incentivize them, and it has also assured dealers that trucks can still be sold to customers as part of a Truck Month promotion. March.

Currently, all Ford gasoline F-150 models can be ordered with the 2-kilowatt generator option, with the exception of the base V6. Hybrid models come standard with a 2.4 kW generator and an optional 7.2 kW system.

Obviously, 415 generators aren’t going to make a significant dent for the whole state, but it’s nice to see Ford encouraging its dealers to help. Now if only the government officials there would take a lesson from Boucherville, Quebec, and get diesel locomotives hooked up to the grid to act like giant generators. It’s serious juice.

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