The 5 most common diseases in your personal finances

It is something that disturbs or damages the normal functioning of your body, making your health is weakened and your days are not as calm as you generally expect them to be.

This metaphor can be easily applied to our personal finances, as there are certain habits, which in this article we will call diseases that affect your personal finances.

On this occasion, we select the 5 diseases that greatly affect your economic balance, and to which you should pay special attention so that they do not become a disease without a cure from which it takes you a lot of work to get out.

Now, pay attention to the following list, and try to detect if you suffer from any of these diseases:


1.Financial self-medication


Many times we usually make decisions that we consider to be the most relevant for our current financial situation. Over time we realize that this decision was not the most convenient for us and that instead of improving our situation, it had a completely opposite effect.

2. Addiction to spending

2. Addiction to spending

Are you one of those who get depressed and always buy on impulse? If this is a situation that is repeated frequently and at the moment of truth you find yourself full of unnecessary items, we regret to inform you that impulse purchases are a disease in your life and that they are weakening you strongly.

3. Inability to say “NO”

In life in general, telling everyone that it becomes a weight that is sometimes impossible to carry. The same goes for your money, saying yes to everything you want to buy and have, it makes you enter a financial chasm from which it will be very difficult for you to leave.

4. Financial blindness

4. Financial blindness

When it comes to your finances, the best thing you can do is be honest with yourself, only in this way can you bring up the ship of your finances that is about to sink. Denying reality to yourself, becoming blind in front of your situation, only makes the situation worse and prevents you from finding effective solutions at the right time.

5. Non-inclusion of contingency plans

5. Non-inclusion of contingency plans

If you are now in a time of financial abundance, prepare yourself for possible moments of crisis and do not throw the money adrift without thinking about the future and the possible difficulties that may arise in the process.

Remember that one of the most effective medicines to fight financial illnesses are smart loans. Through the application of credits intended, you can achieve the financial stability you are looking for.