What are the required documents when receiving a general purpose loan?

The consumer loan is the type of loan given by the banks to finance the needs such as education, holiday, white goods and gold, which are among the individual loans.

What is Consumer Loan?

What is Consumer Loan?

While giving this loan, the amount and maturity of the loan is decided for one time only. Increasing the process cannot be changed. Therefore, care must be taken when creating a loan agreement.

As internet banking becomes more widespread, although it is easier to make loan application transactions, it is necessary for banks to provide real person loans and to submit the required documents. Even if it is possible to go to the bank application from your smartphone for a few minutes to get a credit from a bank with your registration, a bank that you have never opened an account will ask you for certain documents and documents.

What are the necessary documents for obtaining a general-purpose loan?

What are the necessary documents for obtaining a general purpose loan?

If you are over 18 years of age, if you can formally declare your income and generally do not have any problems with your payments in your credit history, you can apply for a general-purpose loan by putting together the necessary documents. Although these prerequisites exist as general passages, some banks may accept the age limit of using credit as 20.

1-Copy of Identity Document


3-Residence Certificate and Invoice for the Last 3 Months (If Not Registered to the Bank)

If there are no problems with your credit application criteria, the first thing you should do is to provide a photocopy of an identity document that is not worn out, as in every legal process, and whose ID number is read. Bringing together documents with official validity indicating your sources of income may also be defined as the second task.

Residence certificate

Residence certificate


Banks do not require a residence permit in most cases if there is a current record of the person wishing to benefit from the loan. However, if the person to whom the loan is planned does not have a record in the bank, it is required to include a residence certificate and/or an invoice for the last 3 months on behalf of the person using the loan. Documents such as invoices and addresses are required to know the location of the addressee for the transaction to be initiated when no payment is made.

having no residence registration in Turkey and for Turkish citizens living abroad, while some banks may need help with credit issues must show a guarantor residing in Turkey. This is one of the rare cases where the guarantor is requested.