What is Credit Card Pending Provision?

Credit card pending provision, what is pending provision, credit card transactions remain pending provision, the transaction remains pending provision? Credit cards are widely used in our country.

According to current data, it is said that there are around 190 million credit cards in use today. When this happens, some problems may arise. Everyone who uses a credit card has seen the statement Pending Provision after the transactions.

What is this provision? In general, the word Provision means pre-approval. So we can say that your bank is supervising your transaction.

What is Credit Card Pending Provision?

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As stated at the beginning of our article, Provision is a word that has the meaning of pre-approval. Your credit card transactions are reflected in card transactions as Waiting Provision in the first place. Expenditure at the approval stage appears as a pending provision in card transactions. At this stage, your bank will investigate the accuracy of the spending, the accuracy of the location, and whether the card is stolen. If this and some other situations occur, it may extend to the cancellation of the card.

Provisions pending the provision continue until the end of the day. In other words, the transactions you will make during the day will appear as the provision pending until the end of the day. At the end of the day, if there is no problem when you switch to the other day, your spending card will be saved. Thus, it can be said superficially that fraud is prevented. Is pending provision a problem? Can pending provisioning be canceled?

How Long Does the Provision Process Wait?


As we said at the beginning of our article, if there is no problem with your spending and credit card, the provision period is 1 day. In some cases, these operations may vary. You can also contact your bank for more than 1 day provisioning period and learn the details.

If the pos and the bank to which your card is connected are the same, the authorization period of these transactions is 1 day. However, if the situation shows the opposite, it can be said that the provisioning process lasts even 2 days if the banks to which the card and pos are connected are different.

Is the transaction canceled?

The provisioning process can also be called a small approval process. Therefore, your spending will be deducted from your spending limit without being confirmed.

In other words, the cancellation of the provision may not be very much in question because it will be considered as an expenditure.

However, if you have a problem with your card and expense, you can call your bank’s customer service to get help from the suspicious transaction notification menu.